Security Booth: Director's Cut - OUT NOW!!!

The Director's Cut is available now!!!

The Director's Cut Edition of Security Booth comes with many new features and changes from the original version.

Randomized Cars

Cars will now be randomized, this means each play-though will be different. However, key events will still happen the same way.

Widescreen Mode

Aspect ratio is unlocked, no more black side bars!

New Endings

Security Booth: Director's Cut has a total of 7 endings.

Nexus Archives Tapes

There are 3 tapes that are extra content which extra story/lore. To view them you will need to unlock the first 3 main endings.

Compatible With Controller

You asked for it! You can now use a controller to play Security Booth: Director's Cut.

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Now all that's left to do is launch it on Mobile platforms. Google Play and Apple Store 😍👍


Congrats on the release dude!! I can't wait to play the game :D!