Thank you & Next Game (Before and After shot of Security Booth)

Thank you everyone who has played the game!

Making this game I honestly expected around 20 people to play, but the reception has been great. 

As of tomorrow, I'm starting production of my next PSX Horror game. This one will be much longer than this game (I'm look at around 40 mins to an hour and a half). 

Until then here is a before and after shot of how Security Booth ended up looking during development as well as a early WIP video. 

Early WIP video of Security Booth!

Again, thank you so much and I look forward to showing the next game!

Get Security Booth


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Alright, you got my attention with the first one! Can't wait to see what you do with this idea!


Next game isn't going to be security booth but I'll be coming back at some point. 2 other games that are different are coming first.

Ah gotcha', well I'm still excited to see what you do next.


im so hyped the first game was great!


Can't wait to see the next thing! <3


Security Booth was great, looking forward to see the new project 🤘


So keen to see what you come up with!