New game on hold - Security Booth Revamp announcement

Hello everyone!

I've been working on a new horror since I finished Security Booth, however. I'm putting my latest PSX-Horror on hold as I've been having a hard time with coming up with ideas and started to not enjoy working on it and I want to make games I enjoy and look forward to showing you all!

Subway Game on Hold

However, for weeks now I've been thinking of making a revamp of Security Booth. This will come with changes and extra content.
Ending 1 is one of the things that will be getting a change and more endings will be coming! 

Here are some confirmed changes that will be coming.

  • Ending 1 will be changing.
  • The game will be widescreen and no longer have the black bars on the side.
  • Additional endings.
  • Tons more employees & they will be random rather than a linear car structure like in this game version.

Security Booth Revamp will be coming out for both and Steam and will cost but it won't be a lot.

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Loved Security Booth (i Remeber Doing a Call on Discord to My Friend See me Playing) i Am Excited to See these Revamp. (Greetings From Brazil).

Just a Question:This Revamp will be Paid?


Yes, no confirmed price yet but I'm not planning on it being crazy expensive.

Ok,You Having Hard time Having ideas,i Have Some                    .You're a Security Guard in a Mall                                                          .the Mall is Insiperd in the 80's and 90's Malls                      .The Killer is Inspired in the Zodiac Killer(Would Have Papers Around the Mall,Containing Misterious Cypher).         .In the 1980's The World was an Cold war,The Killer Would Represent the Communist Threat From that time.         


Good idea, but I've already planned out what I am going to do for the revamp version :) thanks anyway.

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Thanks,i Was talking About  Ideas For your New PSX Game,You're Welcome. :) 


I loved security booth and I will be happy to see a new game in this genre


Glad to hear. Can't wait to share more of what I got planned!

Awesome news! i love extended versions with more content :D 


Hopefully it will still be as good as this version :) I hope to make it longer and there will be many more endings to enjoy with many secrets as well.


This stuff is exactly what I wanted!!


Then be prepared!