A downloadable game for Windows

Security Booth is a VHS PSX Horror Game. 

Based in 1996, you are working for a company known as Nova Nexus, you play as a security guard.
Your job role is to make sure that only the right authorized personnel are getting into the facility. 

The game has a total of 2 endings.

Average Game Time - 10 Minutes 

Game Controls 

WalkLook AroundInteractFlashLight

Menu/UI Controls

Select OptionGo To Option Right/Next PageGo To Option Left/Previous PageGo To Option Up Or Down
S - Down

*The Mouse will never show up in game*


Want more?
Security Booth: Director's Cut is OUT NOW!
Check out the Steam store or grab it here on Itch.io.

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Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(301 total ratings)
AuthorKyle Horwood
Tags3D, Creepy, First-Person, Horror, Low-poly, PSX (PlayStation), Psychological Horror, Retro, Short, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

Make sure to unzip the folder (make sure to not put it into another 'Security Booth' folder as it can create conflicts. Open the folder SecurityBooth/WindowsNoEditor/ and the application is in this folder.


Security Booth Download Exe 127 MB

Development log


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A friend recommended me this, well done!

Check my terrible accent lol


this don't even work

A perfectly crafted horror experience. Nicely done!


Gameplay en español

My bad on not realizing there are LITERALLY only 2 endings, my dumbass reread the description of the game and found out I'm just blind... sorry kyle-

Hope you still get a good laugh from my reactions!

i did a terrible job 

güzel oyun öneririm

i loved this one. i got ending 1 and 2

This game was so much fun!!!! I highly recommend it to anyone who likes horror games. Thank you for making it... Here's my playthrough <3 

no idea what that ending 1 meant but ok.

I was honestly not expecting it to be as good as it was. Definitely one I shall recommend to fellow gamers. 

Awesome game! Need to play the director's cut next

I still come back to this version sometimes, a classic!  Gonna try Directors Cut soon.


Warning to viewers: SPOILERS IN VIDEO!




Wow, I had played this way back on March 9. I enjoyed the experience back then and how creepy it was to work at night as security. I always wanted to learn more about this story and a friend of mine told me about the latest update. I will totally play to see the new endings! 

1996. I was 5 years old. First year of Kindergarten. Coloring inside the lines, learning the alphabet, etc. and this poor security guard had the worst workday of their life. What were you doing in 1996?

Fantastic game, well done! I got both endings, can't wait to check out the Director's Cut! 

Just another day at work... wait, whattt?!


Un dia como cualquier otro en el trabajo... momento, que es eso?!

A sweet horror game. Loved the whole vibe. Good job dev.

amazing scary game

Involving the player in those tasks makes this game immersive in a nice way.

Loved your game! I was making a "Triple Spook" Series, and I happened to put your game in! Lovely.

This game was pretty good. It had some decent jump scares and some unsettling moments. I look forward to getting the other endings! 10/10


free pass

Neat idea! Thanks for making the game! I’ll definitely have to grab the full version and play it on stream.

gave me goosebumbs, you rlly got me.

This is excellent.

Awesome little game! This game has great sounds, that make it so creepy, and gave me some great scares! I Loved it! Did a video of this game!

Aw, i couldnt download it :( Imma download another one of the same creator ! I love those types !

You can't download? If you click the download button on top it should download automatically. 

Alright, thank you!!

Gonna Play this ! Seems very nice, i love VHS games !!!

this was way 2 scary for my fingers

I love the concept of this. There’s something about indie horror where you do menial tasks that get interrupted by unknown terrors that absolutely tickles me. I also think I got one of the coolest endings but I might try for a few more. 

Also: for everyone else - this is the director’s cut, as far as I know it contains a lot of additional content and it’s an apple and an egg as we say in Germany which means: it’s cheap!

I never got around to playing the demo months ago but since they released the director's cut I decided to give this a go! I enjoyed it despite the fact I only went for 3 of the 7 endings.

FLYING Cars...


good game

Just found out this has a Director's Cut on Steam!!


Hey Man! I played the game way back when it was still here in Itch.io and now I got the full game in Steam. As always, It's EPIC. Wish you more power and can't wait for the next project

something about this games was so creepy to me. i loved the graphics and it was super cool game but it gave me goosebumps! if only i could experience it for the first time all over again! i managed to get both endings and overall it was a fantastic game

i love this game. a saw yub play it and i've tried to find it for age's


Congrats on the release! The director's cut version was very interesting. It was much more powerful than the previous version. I am looking forward to the next one.


why not publishing The Director's Cut here?

Steam is just easier if people have issues with the game they can refund it as Steam will do it. If it was on here and people had issues they would be waiting on me.


I changed my mind :) 

instant buy. thanks, Kyle! :D

Hi Kyle! Would love to play this for my channel but I'm a new YouTuber (only about 100 videos) but the game plays in full screen - are there plans for a Windowed option perhaps as that seems to play better for me and it doesn't appear like laggy when I replay/edit? Love the game from what I've seen thus far!

Try pushing F-11 when it's on full screen and that should switch to window mode :) 

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