A downloadable game for Windows

Security Booth is a VHS PSX Horror Game. 

Based in 1996, you are working for a company known as Nova Nexus, you play as a security guard.
Your job role is to make sure that only the right authorized personnel are getting into the facility. 

The game has a total of 2 endings.

Average Game Time - 10 Minutes 

Game Controls 

WalkLook AroundInteractFlashLight

Menu/UI Controls

Select OptionGo To Option Right/Next PageGo To Option Left/Previous PageGo To Option Up Or Down
S - Down

*The Mouse will never show up in game*


Want more?
Security Booth: Director's Cut is OUT NOW!
Check out the Steam store or grab it here on Itch.io.

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Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(366 total ratings)
AuthorKyle Horwood
Tags3D, Creepy, First-Person, Horror, Low-poly, PSX (PlayStation), Psychological Horror, Retro, Short, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Security Booth Download Exe 127 MB

Install instructions

Make sure to unzip the folder (make sure to not put it into another 'Security Booth' folder as it can create conflicts. Open the folder SecurityBooth/WindowsNoEditor/ and the application is in this folder.

Development log


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Really cool game

Very fun game and I love the car physics


Gameplay from Indonesia 

DirectX Runtime error... How can I fix it? :(


Thought you should know that someone on Game Jolt is trying to take credit for your game - https://gamejolt.com/games/ert/768495

gave me a lil jump lol i loved it you should make more short horror games like this

Fun game, I enjoy it.

I spent to much time trying to get al endings and then realized this version was not the directors cut! XD i enjoyed the gameplay either way!

Had a bit of trouble finding out how to get the second ending. Still enjoyed it though, nice job making this lol.

(1 edit) (-1)

wont let me start

un juego con una histria demasiado perturbadora , ame este videojuego <3 sigan asi !!! 


great game i enjoyed it

The game crashes after the haunted PS logo appears. What are system requirements to launch this game?

i cant wait to play the full thing i was pacing trying to make sure the person who died didnt get in it earned a spot in my series! Likes and views are much appreciated

The game had a very unique story and def instilled some fear. Always felt like I was being watched. Looking for more games from Kyle in the future!

Good game

What an experience! This was such a blast to play. I screamed once or twice. What'd you think?


this game was amazing

Such a great game. One of my favs. Seriously was so much deeper than I originally thought. Very much looking forward to more games by you. Great work!! 

Does my death mean anything? (like and sub if you could) :)

Hope you enjoy the video friends! Really enjoyed your game!

Really cool game! I sucked at my job. 

This was amazing!

Great game! Was happy to play it for my channel!

I immediately loved how this game looked, it was beautifully retro. I've learned since that there are multiple endings beyond the one I received which was terrifying... Perhaps I'll go back to try to achieve the others.

This was a fantastic game, well done <3

Hod a great time on this game, lot of fun


Such a solid game. It was simple, yet the puzzles had me second guessing. Great job!

This game was so good! Definitely buying the full thing on Steam! 100/10 

Can't wait to check out directors cut :)

If you liked this video make sure to subscribe please 

I played the full version of the game and enjoyed it a lot, the atmosphere of the game is very good. I didn't complete all the endings on video, but I played some of them offline. Congratulations for the game

Gameplay PT-BR

aku suka game ani, simple and fun!

I recently played the full version of this game and loved it! If anyone plays the demo and really likes it, I fully recommend buying the whole game. Great storytelling, lots of lore to find, just overall amazing. Great work and thank you for this awesome game!

I made a video on it if anyone wants to check it out:

enjoyed playing it, thanks

Blog post:

Nightmares at the Gate | Security Booth | Indie Horror Game (antarsoftgames.com)

love this game


I had a great time playing this game!
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