Security Booth Revamp - Wishlist now on Steam!

Hi everyone!
I'm working hard on the Revamp version of Security Booth and it's slowly coming together. 

For any of those interested the revamp will have more content, this being new endings, extra story. For more details you can head over to the steam page. 

If you're interested in Security Booth Revamp please go ahead and wishlist it :)

You can Wishlist Security Booth Revamp on Steam now!

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Is Security Booth (Revamp) free on Steam?!


No, it's not out yet and it will cost money. 



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Straight onto my wishlist! I'm really looking forward to this, I thoroughly enjoyed this game. Woohoo! :)


Oh men that's so cool!! I loved the game! so happy for you and the game, is so good. I whishlisted already! so excited for the release :D!