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Cool game, I liked the idea of vetting employees at the security booth. The story is implemented well by placing random notes around. I thought both endings were a bit too confusing. I think the first ending was supposed to be a car? It may be moving too fast to see it well and the player can sometimes be looking at the wrong direction. Maybe adding a fixed camera angle for the first ending would help boost the player's understanding. Or maybe add a long falling sound. The second one makes no sense haha did I miss something? Overall, I enjoyed the game and I am looking forward to more from you!

Both endings are slightly up for interpretation but the reality is this

*Spoilers for those who not played it*

With Ending 1, The Car that lands on the broken down car was chucked by the demon monster thing from the car park. So basically - it got out! Ending 2 is the phones calling the families of the dead. You're the phone near the screen. The big thing that comes out of the base is something that basically creates a massive creator in that part of the world.

Side note the fixed camera for ending 1 has been fixed in already in the update from yesterday. Information on fixes here -

Ohhhh of course! Thanks for replying! Now it makes sense on the second ending.  Also, on the first ending I just missed your update. I will play it again tonight and see it for myself the updated version. I think you are the right path of creating fantastic horror games by leaving the story up for interpretation. Keep it up my man!


What a game!

The game's interesting and it has great atmosphere to it. I really look forward to your next game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

is this your first horror? You got the skills to pay the bills :D Seriously I want to see whats next.

Both Endings No Commentary

Hello, I would ask you if I can stream your game on twitch?

Of course, streaming and Let's plays are totally allowed.


Dont let the wrong people in, got it! this was a fun little experience!

Why did a car come down from the sky


Because the <CLASSIFIED> experiment got loose. It chucked it in the car park and it just landed on the other one. 

Oh that explains it. Thanks!


This game was CRAZY good! The concept itself was very creative and spooky! I had some really funny moments throughout my playthrough as well, check it out here!

Love the Haunted ps1 style, this was such a good one! Keep it up :)

Why Was He Just WATCHING ME! Good Game 3dKyle

That was a cool little experience. I had to check out both endings and see what was going on there. I don't know if it's really a horror game but it's still fun to play. Thanks!

This game actually startled me more than I am willing to admit


Fun game, really enjoyed my time with it. Only criticism is that the game used 100% of my gpu, and caused it to lag when recording. If you could optimize that for future players, that would be great

I've tried fixing the GPU in the new update, not sure if it's 100% better but might be worth looking at.

Also thank you for playing!



Thank you for playing!

anytime man


Gave it a Let's Play, short but nice atmosphere. Always love PS1-styled first person games 

Glad you liked it, thank you for playing.

I liked this game! I wish you had done more horror and scary elements as it was a great premise with lovely gameplay. Looking forward to more you make!

Made a thing.

Thank you for playing!

This was so good! Left me wanting more but was perfect just as it was!

Thank you for playing!

This was so good, keep up the good work. Enjoyed doing my job while being scared lol 

Thank you! Thank's for playing!

no problem!!!

Great idea for a game. Ending one confused me a bit, but ending 2 completely broke my brain xD


Aha understandable. Thank you for playing. 

Wow this game is amazing, just the way you have no power in what happens yet you still do your job

Great game and will be sure to keep an eye out for more

Glad you liked it, thank you for playing!

oh yeah cant wait for more

This had great design, and even some innovation. Great job man!

Thank you for playing!

Good game, Really loved everything about it.

Thank you for playing!


One of the best indies i've played. Awesome atmosphere! 

Thank you for playing!

This Game Is Awesome...

Thank you for playing!

Thank You For Making this Awesome Game :)



Thank you for playing!

Не все зрозуміло ...

Але загалом непогано.

Thank you for playing!


This was really good! Very nice buildup to each ending. The sound design is also terrific,with very subtle sound effects pointing the player in the right directions. This is the type of game that could definitely be expanded on, especially with the concept of verifying people's ID and deciding whether or not to let them in. Great work overall!

Thank you for the kind words and playing it.

Loved it. Hoping to get some more people into the HPS1 games with this!

Glad you enjoyed it!

Editing gameplay rn, this was GREAT, the atmosphere got me!

Great! Glad you enjoyed it, look forward to seeing the gameplay!


cool game

Thank you for playing!


cool game
heres my video about it. sry for possible lags

Thanks for playing! No need to apologize, I just hope the lag for you wasn't too bad. I saw you was confused with Ending 1 a little. With Ending 1 it can be hard to miss what happens unless you really looking fully at the car but something happens. I think the lag sadly made you miss it (unless the lag was just the video recording) either way thank you for taking the time to play. 


Hi there, I am DragonExplosion and I am a Youtuber. If you like my videos, please leave a like and subscribe at my channel.

I really love the PS1-style retro horror effects as it really made this game stand out from the rest of the games that I have played. The game has a clear and simple concept of checking through the logs and driver's license plates before deciding whether to let them in or not.

The sound effects used in the game were extremely good and appropriate in enhancing the horrifying atmosphere in the game at the right timings. I love the design and concept of the game and it would be cool if there were more strange events added that the security guard have to deal with. For instance, the blue van with a man watching at a distance certainly made me paranoid, especially when he came over with his van. Also, the disappearing car of Natasha was shocking as well.

I hope to see more horror games made by you and more storyline and scary events in the game if you ever decide to make it longer. Thank you for reading my comment and I wish you good luck in your future endeavours.

Thank you for the kind words DragonExplosion. I'm glad you enjoyed the game.


Loved it

Great playthrough, gave me a few laughs. With Ending 1 it can be hard to miss what happens unless you really looking fully at the car. Either way glad you enjoyed it. 

It's been great to see an influx of PS1 style retro-y horror games on here, and this is a very fine addition! The story increases in intensity tremendously well, and the jump scares are very well placed. The dated camcorder effect really gives that creepy uncanny feeling, and the graphics are very pleasant to look at, down to the tee. I only wish there was some kind of at least small hint at the very beginning for you to read the book, as I only read it after randomly letting in like 2 cars without knowing the whole license plate thing, but that might just be my lack of attention speaking. Regardless, I think the security booth mechanic is very clever and actually keeps you invested, unlike games where you randomly wander around waiting for scripts. Very nice work on this game; can't wait to see more from you! 

Thank you for the kind words and taking the time to play the game.
There should have been a note to give you a little information on what to do, but I think for sure it could have been more obvious. I'll keep that in mind for future projects. 

good game! very creepy with good sound design and solid low poly work!

2 notes:
- answering the phone when there is no call has the typo "noone" instead of "no one"
- trying to launch the game from the shortcut it looks for "d:\game_builds\securitybooth\windowsnoeditor\securitybooth.exe" but it works fine launching from the exe in the windowsnoeditor folder

Thank you for the kind words. 

Lesson learnt about shortcuts, didn't really think about it trying to find my computer information. Thanks for notifying me about these. 


An interesting game with a great retro look. Too bad it's short, it could be expanded more, with more things to go deeper into the story. But it's a nice game despite that. Congratulations.

Ending 2! Glad to see you enjoyed it. Thanks for the kind words.

Really, really great game. It's scary as hell!!!

Thank you for playing and your kind words. 

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cool creepy retro

Thank you for playing the game! I think the credits bugged out a little, but what matters is you got to play the game and enjoy it.


Great work my friend.

Thank you for playing the game, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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