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Loved the PS1 aesthetic, really upped the creep factor! The bomb blasts made me spill my water mid sip lol. Can't wait for the Director's cut and thanks for making such an interesting game, keep going bud! 

Xan you make it android pl

i could not get on could you explain the steps again

I ended up getting seriously invested in this game. Phenomenal job on setting up tension and creating an interesting backstory for the Nova Nexus workplace!

Super jeu j ai bien aimer ce concept :]

Nice game i loved it

Such a great game! Awesome work

So i've achived the second ending too

This game is sooooo great 

Im stocked for more


wow this game was great! wasn't expecting much to be 100% honest but it really deserves the hype it has! 


good game, cant wait for the directors cut


how many endings are there? just making sure


Great job! Loved it!


the game was good but it was not scary but it was ok not bad.

check out my video if you want.

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Great Game, I recommended it. The atmosphere and the style was the best and very suspenseful with a simple objective. Keep up the good work!

Olá, postei a história do jogo em PT-BR.

I enjoyed playing this game! This was a good one! Thanks!

wow this is nice 




great Game. we need more of this
Video with German Gameplay

A game with a seemingly simple idea that has already been in many other games, but it scares and keeps you in suspense to the shit. Author, keep up the good work and success in future games!

I will be glad to subscribe to my channel ( ̄y▽, ̄)╭

Everything was nice and fine until BAM! haha I thought I did everything right! It's awesome how something soo trivial, can be warped into a concept that'll make your spine shiver. And truly, my spine did shiver! I just wish Nova Nexus would provide a chair for the poor security man!

Great Work!

Olá, fiz esse vídeo para o pessoal do Brasil entender o que está acontecendo no jogo.

Can you compile for Linux?

The atmosphere was CRAZY in this game
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Will there be a demo or an early release for the revamped version of Security Booth?

Nope, it will only be the full version. So make sure this version runs on your PC before you download/get the Director's Cut.

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Very well put together game. I love the concept and it really makes you want to know more back story. i strongly recommend this game to everybody keep up the great work!

Honestly, one the best indie games in the last week I've played. 


Love the game! Made me really crap my pants

really great but scary!! i got scared a bunch but it's a creative game i could of never thought of something like this! 

really interesting game... will definitely play the directors cut! I made a lil video with my experience of the game, for a one man team this is really cool!

I love the design of the game. I did get jump scared, though I get scared easily haha. I really enjoyed the emotional amplifications of this game! 

I really enjoyed the suspense of this game.  And was surprised by the ending of course.  I actually screamed from the jump scare.  Good job on the story too it felt like one of those b-grade 90's horror movies.

That was actually pretty good!

The phone calls freaked me out so much and i really liked the sound effects after a specific point,very creepy!

Really great game! I enjoyed playing through it a lot, I love the fact it leans more towards terror gameplay with having great atmosphere instead of jumpscares.

Great atmosphere! Love it

cuantos bits requiere?

64-bit system.

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Does this game have jumpscare

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I would say Jump scares are subjective. I wouldn't say I have any in the game - it's more a psychological Horror game. However, I've seen people jump on this, so I would say - perhaps...

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