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Really cool game

Very fun game and I love the car physics


Gameplay from Indonesia 

DirectX Runtime error... How can I fix it? :(


Thought you should know that someone on Game Jolt is trying to take credit for your game -

gave me a lil jump lol i loved it you should make more short horror games like this

Fun game, I enjoy it.

I spent to much time trying to get al endings and then realized this version was not the directors cut! XD i enjoyed the gameplay either way!

Had a bit of trouble finding out how to get the second ending. Still enjoyed it though, nice job making this lol.

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wont let me start

un juego con una histria demasiado perturbadora , ame este videojuego <3 sigan asi !!! 


great game i enjoyed it

The game crashes after the haunted PS logo appears. What are system requirements to launch this game?

i cant wait to play the full thing i was pacing trying to make sure the person who died didnt get in it earned a spot in my series! Likes and views are much appreciated

The game had a very unique story and def instilled some fear. Always felt like I was being watched. Looking for more games from Kyle in the future!

Good game

What an experience! This was such a blast to play. I screamed once or twice. What'd you think?


this game was amazing

Such a great game. One of my favs. Seriously was so much deeper than I originally thought. Very much looking forward to more games by you. Great work!! 

Does my death mean anything? (like and sub if you could) :)

Hope you enjoy the video friends! Really enjoyed your game!

Really cool game! I sucked at my job. 

This was amazing!

Great game! Was happy to play it for my channel!

I immediately loved how this game looked, it was beautifully retro. I've learned since that there are multiple endings beyond the one I received which was terrifying... Perhaps I'll go back to try to achieve the others.

This was a fantastic game, well done <3

Hod a great time on this game, lot of fun


Such a solid game. It was simple, yet the puzzles had me second guessing. Great job!

This game was so good! Definitely buying the full thing on Steam! 100/10 

Can't wait to check out directors cut :)

If you liked this video make sure to subscribe please 

I played the full version of the game and enjoyed it a lot, the atmosphere of the game is very good. I didn't complete all the endings on video, but I played some of them offline. Congratulations for the game

Gameplay PT-BR

aku suka game ani, simple and fun!

I recently played the full version of this game and loved it! If anyone plays the demo and really likes it, I fully recommend buying the whole game. Great storytelling, lots of lore to find, just overall amazing. Great work and thank you for this awesome game!

I made a video on it if anyone wants to check it out:

enjoyed playing it, thanks

Blog post:

Nightmares at the Gate | Security Booth | Indie Horror Game (

love this game


I had a great time playing this game!
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