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Woah! Super spooky with a unexpected tension built ending! Definitely one of my new favorites, great job!

super great game, with cool atmosphere. and a reminder not to get a security-guy job from a weird-named company.

can you say font that you used

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in game is VCR OSD Mono and here on it is the font from Rhythm Doctor


Dear Kyle, what a joy to have played this! Such a fun and compact experience, so well crafted, thanks for making it!!!

Turkish gameplay is here

Türkçe Security Booth


I can't press the option 8start) idk why

Did you try pressing E? The only input the main menu accepts is a/d/e (left, right and select). I was stuck on that for a while as I didn't read the instructions before launching the game. :)

Amazing game with a really good concept! Played this for a 3 Scary Games video! (This game is the 3rd one I play)

Check out MORE SCARY GAMES from me here!

i loved this game

Absolutely loved it! It's a super cool idea to base a game around and it definitely had the atmosphere and visuals to back it up. It scared the crap out of me the first time I played but I still had to make sure I went back to get both endings (loved the second ending)


This was a fun little experience. It was short but the premise was a nice change of pace and it would be fun to it expanded upon someday. 

The expanded version is called the Directors Cut, and I'm very close to finishing it!

Oh gosh, i missed that. Cant wait!!

Hello, I am a Spanish native speaker, I am studying to become a translator and I was wondering if you are interested in working on a translation to Spanish of "Security Booth", I am looking for experience in the area of video-games so if you like the idea contact me please.

Have a good day :)

I really like the concept. Good game.

A good idea and a good litle game

pretty random.. still love it and a good game

MCA Horror replied:

Thank you for giving me nightmares tonight my guy/ma'am. I appreciated the fact that it was terrifying...

loved it

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loved it!

wish it was more scary but def had fun!

The atmosphere of this game was very, very unsettling. I definetly would love to explore this game some more and uncover all there is to it! Very creative concept, 10/10 would recommend! :)

(ps if you want to see some gameplay it begins ~0:34 in my video!)

Strangely therapeutic horror :) Loved the graphics and the style/pace of the game. For the second play I just left the door wiiiide open. Thanks!

that game terrifying me !! go see the video 

Been awhile since I played a truly spooky game with little to no jumpscares. The style and atmosphere alone is enough to let anyone know they're in for a ride.

That was very creepy and unsettling. They style of the game makes it 10x better

i played this game on second game in this video.

damn, i love this game. and there is a lot of ending. Great game

eu tentei jogar e deu um bug e saiu do jogo poderiam me ajudar?

Really good game with so much atmosphere!

(3rd game)

A unique approach with good and subtle horror elements. Great work there.

What an awesome and unique experience, definitely earned a follow from me hopefully you continue to make games because im looking forward to more from ya 




Fantastic game! I wish it was longer!

Such a creative game, cannot wait for directors cut.

Loved this premise. Had me feeling like an egotistic detective at times, and other times, scared.

it was a nice Game! We really enjoyed and we find all the endings 👍🏻. We also loved the PSHaunted graphics! Keep it up! Great work!

Great game. It made me feel on edge the entire way through! I will only buy the directors cut when cars can fly... wait what

Had a super fun time playing your game even if I Only discovered the first ending rly cool atmosphere and look forward to your future projects it is the second game in the video Hope you enjoy.

what’s up, someone should do the video that LaurenZSide did,

Played this awhile ago, Pretty good indie game. Was not expecting that ending. 

Video was so Funny, want to see watch the direcors cuts. 

this was such a well done game 10/10! had a blast they really nailed the vibes

Loved the aesthetic in this game. Super fun to play

I liked this game, recommended to my friends.

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Awesome game! I enjoyed playing this one! Check out my gameplay of it! 
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